FTSE Trader Training – FREE

A FREE 3-day course will give you a taster of how the Silver and Gold courses are delivered. Complete 100% of your training and pass all quizzes to earn your certificate. You can contact our support staff to ask questions about the course and get technical help.


FTSE Trader Training – £100

Interactive online training with activities and quizzes to help boost your confidence as you progress through the Silver course. We will post your Silver course certificate once you pass your course. Our tutors and tech’ team are on-hand to jump in whenever you need help.



FTSE Trader Training – £299

The Gold course has everything you get with Silver and more. Gold students get regular 1-2-1 phone calls with their tutor, who will help with everything we teach and mark assignments. Gold students have certificates signed by their tutor & posted to them.

Have more money in the bank at the end of every month

Thanks to mobile internet apps, you’ll be able to Trade the FTSE 100 from home, travelling to work or on the move.
ftse100 trader trainer

Chris Yorke — Company Owner & Trading Coach

Why choose the gold trader training level?

The Gold level course is our best training package. Students have the unique opportunity to talk with their tutor at the end of each lesson. Your tutor will give personalised guidance to ensure you get the maximum benefits from your course.


Trading Skills

The course begins with the basics, and no previous knowledge or experience is required.
By the end of your course, you will have the skills to trade safely and profitably, making a regular guaranteed income.

Your own personal coach

Just reading or just watching videos isn’t enough. You need a coach to bounce ideas off. When you start training with us a coach will automatically be assigned to you. Your coach will be your first point of contact for all course-related questions.

Learning Platform

Our learning platform is interactive. Our students will have access to a live trading environment with demo money for you to put into practice what you learn as you work through the course.


All of our coaches are experienced trainers and have been trading for at least 5 years. They are very approachable and take the time to listen to your question before giving an answer.

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Industry Experience

Learn from the professionals


Real life coach to ask questions

Easy to use training platform

Fun quiz to test your learning

Proven Trading Strategy

We know it works so thats why we offer money back guarantee.

100% Result Guarantee

No results… Get your money back guaranteed!


Thinking about a career in trading? These courses provide great insight into the world of trading and all the industry terminology.
Do you want to make more money from trading? Our proven strategy can help you manage risk and get a return on your investment.
Need to understand how to trade? Our courses give you the confidence to trade in a systematic way.
Confused about which market to trade-in? Our strategy helps you look at a cross-section of markets and help understand why we chose the FTSE 100.
Not sure about trading your own money? We can help you trade in a safe test trading environment.