FTSE Trader Training course – FREE



The FTSE Trader Training – Bronze course is a free 3-day taster course. This course has four lessons, six topics, and three quizzes taken from the premium Silver and Gold courses. If you complete all of the training and pass all of the quizzes, you will be able to download and print your FTSE Trader Training – Bronze certificate.



FTSE Trader Training (FTT) came about to provide individuals with a safe way to trade and make money on the London Stock Exchange. FTT does not make wild promises, guaranteeing people the certainty to become millionaires in 12 months or less. Neither does FTT try to seduce people into parting with thousands of pounds for the dream of fast cars, yachts, and exotic holidays. FTT guarantees a modest and conservative approach to trading that delivers to you, the Trader, a second income.