FTSE Trader Training



The Gold FTSE Trader Training course is unlike most other online trading courses you are likely to find. Our course is a blend of self-paced learning, practical activities, assignments and 1-2-1 tutorials with your FTSE Trading Coach. There are four lessons to complete, and we aim to get you trained within four to five weeks.
Once you have enrolled on the course, your Trading Coach will phone to introduce the first lesson and set your first assignment.
The FTSE Trader Training course requires access to live market data, and as part of the first assignment, we will help you open an account with a broker and gain access to market news. It usually takes a few days to set up, and your broker will provide you with virtual money to trade.



FTSE Trader Training (FTT) came about to provide individuals with a safe way to Trade and make money on the world markets. FTT does not make wild promises; guaranteeing people the certainty to become millionaires in 12 months or less. Neither does FTT try to seduce people into parting with thousands of pounds for the dream of fast cars, yachts and exotic holidays. FTT guarantees a modest and conservative approach to trading that delivers to you, the Trader, a second form of income. The limits on how much money you make depend entirely on how much money you invest into your trading account. FTT provides training only and does not ask you to pay any more than the cost of the course.